About Us


Modesto Graffiti USA was created by people that love the Modesto USA culture and history.  We have grown up here, we have cruised, we have played our music and have dedicated our time to make sure that our city is known throughout the world as the “Home of American Graffiti” and the “Birthplace of Rockabilly Music”.   We are proud to call Modesto home and that is why we created Modesto Graffiti USA for you to enjoy it with us, and take some Modestocana home for your self and your friends.

Modesto Graffiti USA Cares

Profits from Modesto Graffiti USA are donated back into our community to make sure that the arts and education are supported.  Our key projects are the Peer Recovery Gallery, Music in the Schools and Hope Haven West.  Everything you purchase will keep music in the schools, and enrich the culture of Modesto. 

The Team

Co Founders:

Chris Murphy has been active in celebrating Modesto Graffiti heritage for years, and has created the Modesto Historic Cruise Route, the Legends of the Cruise Walk of Fame, and founded ModestoView Magazine and Modestoview.com to celebrate the positive happenings in Modesto.  He is currently an executive in the logistics industry.

Mike McNulty graduated from Modesto High in 1961.  Mike was a high-school sports star and later a successful leader in the frozen logistics industry.   Mike will tell you he grew up in the best era and that was the years of the late 50's and early 60's. 


Ryan Leupp is our CEO.  He keeps the trailer wheels greased and ready to cruise.

Brandilyn Brown is our manager and keeps these crazy creative people on task and helps our dream projects become reality.

Michael J. Mangano is an accomplished and award-winning graphic designer and photographer with a background in video games. He is the art director for ModestoView magazine and has created amazing photo illustrations.

Elliot Gage brings our digital presence to life.  www.runwww.com

Contributors to our effort include:

Noel Rocha

Kevin Silva

Laura Ward


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We'd love to hear from you. Email info@modestograffitiusa.com