You are here! You have found the home of Graffiti Summer in Modesto, USA.  

Modesto is the home of classic cruising, celebrated in George Lucas’ classic award-winning film American Graffiti.  Set in 1962 Modesto, American Graffiti captured a moment in time and asked “Where were you in ’62?”

Today you can capture the spirit of those classic days. In Modesto USA, it is Graffiti Summer all year long.  Located on historic Route 99, Modesto was home to the classic drive-ins, car hops and the legendary 10th and 11th Streets that were the home of classic cruising.  

Following the end of World War II, the open highway was calling and drive-ins appeared all across the USA.  Kids could now do something that was previously not allowed; drive for no reason at all.  Cruising, car hops and our classic history were born and here in Modesto, it is part of our culture. 

Classic Rockabilly music was first slapped in Modesto back in ’38 and that sound was the foundation for early rock and roll and the epic superfantastic soundtrack that appeared in the classic film.  Modesto has a soundtrack and it still rocks today.  

Thank you for visiting and enjoy your stay.   Modestocana is served daily and we hope you will share the good times with your friends. 

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