Kids: Rodney T-Shirt

Modesto Graffiti USA

$ 10.00 


Rodney the Hot Rod tees are available in Youth and Toddler Sizes

Birthplace: Detroit

Date of Birth: 10/17/32

Bio: You might recognize Rodney from his starring role in the film “American Graffiti”. The actor that drove Rodney in the movie was Paul Lemat who played the character of John Milner, but many fans still consider Rodney himself to be the real star of the film.

Hobbies: Rodney is always busy! Every summer he makes personal appearances all over the world where fans show up by the hundreds and even thousands to see his shiny yellow paint, chrome parts, and giant engine. Rodney has flown on airplanes, ridden in trains, and once he even met Marilyn Monroe and she gave him a kiss!

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